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If David’s simplified explanation of the Covid test inspires confidence in the system, then you’re welcome to also believe in unicorns.

The Infectious Myth – Simplifying RT-PCR

2020-04-21 by Progressive Radio Network

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Following the very deep discussion with Stephen Bustin in Episode 251, David goes back over the same ground, hopefully in a way that simplifies everything and will enable you to get a better understanding of RT-PCR, and it’s application to coronavirus testing. He starts by describing RNA, including the fact that it is found in every living cell, not just viruses, then the extraction of RNA, the conversion of RNA to complementary DNA using Reverse Transcriptase enzyme, and then the PCR process used to approximately double the DNA at even step, until the Cycle Threshold is reached. And the Cycle Threshold is one of the big problems of RT-PCR testing for coronavirus. Some of these thoughts are also in written form at:


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