Clean water and sewers saved the world – not vaccines and drugs

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A modern plague is not possible in the first world.

Podcast #707- Boutique Epidemic – Enough Already — It’s Just the Flu!

2020-05-17 by DR TIM

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OK you guys have had your fun. Enough is enough. You can’t keep this sinking ship afloat much longer. Anybody with a brain above room temperature knows this whole circus has become 99% politics, 1% science.
Some states are back to normal while the rest are still under house arrest…?
How is that possible? A germ that recognizes state borders? Party lines? Come on! Enough is enough — the people who built this country are ready to go back to work. There is no new epidemic you can prove. Here’s some of the actual science, uncensored.

video version coming soon.


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