Dr Coleman speaks

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Refreshing oldster with a good lav mic.

Coronavirus: A population control plan?

Vern has had a few videos banned from Themtube.

Here’s a partial transcript of one of them.

So, we can now be pretty sure that the over 75s are going to be denied medical treatment. The first inklings have appeared. And compulsory vaccination is on its way. I got those two right, I’m afraid.

So, what else is planned?

Cheques and cash will be gone within a year or two at most. We’ll have to use plastic for everything we do. That will give the State complete knowledge about our movements and habits.

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1 thought on “Dr Coleman speaks

  1. xileffilex

    Vernon’s almost right, only the Scotsman in the UK, afaics, reported that Covid-19 was no longer considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease and only on March 26. Hmmmm

    I read that Bill Gates has been influenced by the late Hans Rosling, a Swedish doctor and population statistician who, when you listen to his engaging talks, is quite relaxed about population increase which he considered will level off towards 10-11 billion. What he was more concerned about was when all the 10-11 billion start wanting to behave like North Americans or Northern Europeans as their living standards increase with smaller families [which seems to be the Gates’ thrust] . All very confusing.


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