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      1. watermanchris

        A lot of left/right nonsense i.e. trump’s gonna save us. “The Democrats/ liberals sent sick people to recover in nursing homes to infect and kill off the old people. They should be locked up” “The reason they didn’t use the field hospitals was because they wanted people to infect the old people.”

        No. The whole thing was a hoax. The “field hospitals” were dummy hospitals, just like the inflatable tanks used to hoax WWII. #youcantcatchavirus

        1. xileffilex

          New York, Lombardy and to some extent London are the key post-Wuhan calling points for this hoax. These places are where the biggest staged media events occurred to make it look like there was a pandemic. I’d like to know more about Belgium, but nobody seems interested. Were there any specific psy-ops there like the military trucks driving around with caskets in Northern Italy [a nice little routine on March 19 to get the plandemic going] or pop-up fake morgues [a London/NYC speciality quoting 9/11]?

          The official Belgian narrative :

          1. watermanchris

            From the Wikedpedia entry
            “Unlike most other countries, which publish figures based primarily on confirmed hospital deaths, the deaths figures reported by the Belgian authorities include deaths in the community, especially in care homes, confirmed to have been caused by the coronavirus, as well as a much larger number of such deaths suspected to have been caused by the virus, even if the person was not tested.”

            Very hoaxy. Even the idea that there are real-time death numbers being reported is absurd. Actual death numbers take many months if not a year to be reported but magically they are getting up-to-the-minute reports. The revised actual numbers will never make the news. We are the only ones that will investigate.

            Tim Ozman of the Infinite Plane Society has mentioned that there is absolutely no increase in obituaries. I’m fairly certain that even with all the over-reporting, there will be no actual increase in all cause mortality. On the contrary, there will likely be a statistically significant decrease. This is because less people are on the roads (50,000 people die on the roads in the US annually) and less people are in there medical system – the third leading cause of death in the US. Hat tip to Chris Kendall, wherever he is.

            1. ab Post author

              You’re right. Real time death numbers don’t exist in the USA. The reporting county agencies take months to forward and resolve the numbers. They only exist in a simulation, which is what is running.

            2. xileffilex

              I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – the only way to check the total death statistics is against signed death certificates. And…
              a). that’s not going to be possible, though for England & Wales a bound list of names is produced some time in the future for the year running Jan-Dec.
              b). fake deaths, as in staged terror incidents, celeb relocations, planes crashes, etc., will still merit a signed death certificate and death and recorded entry. But I don’t think that 40K fake death certs are being produced for 40K fake deaths with names attached.

              Much easier to simulate the death stats. Who’s going to be able to check them as per a) above?

              The one and only correlation is between reported death spikes and videos of dancing nurses in the same regions.

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