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Covid effect #911: population control

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Nothing the elite want more is all their chickens scared and craving the protection of the fox. Sure the chickens may lose a few of themselves but it’s for the greater good.

They don’t need forced sterilization, viruses and vaccines… They just need you think there is no viable future and to self sterilize with drugs, alcohol, and fear.

There will be a baby deficit starting in January 2021.

Who knows how long it will last.

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Is Christine Grady the new doctor Mengele?

likes this

Bill Gates thinks the only way out of this scamdemic is a vaccine that he’s making.

They’ll have to skip the rabbits and move right on to the human testing. This requires the cooperation of someone like Christine Grady, wife of virus-in-chief, Tony Fauci.

If you are you ready to be experimented on to save us from the scamdemic then sign up today with Christine Grady, who will let you know if your it’s bioethical.

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The world is going to end to end to end to end

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Remember vinyl records and how they skipped and repeated and repeated and repeated?

I was a junk science fan before I was a fakeologist.

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