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  1. barbm124

    so the question is, Who Gates the Bill, right? We will. Never mind. They keep this talking in Germany about tests for Corona in schools and other places, voluntarily so far. It is probably to establish this new test concept, where they ask you to give a saliva sample and then tell you if you have Corona, no symptoms necessary anymore. I recently read, they found a man in a test group acute infected and this man had no idea because he had no symptoms. They switched from antibody tests, which require a certain amount of your blood, to this new saliva or whatever sample PCR tests because to have antibodies you have to had symptoms first, right? Your body has to fight the virus first and produce this antibodies which manifests itself in symptoms we call “sickness”. No symptoms = no sickness is no longer valid. Now you can be sick even if you never feel sick. And you can infect others without ever being sick. And nobody questions it. Nobody asks how can they know if the test works if anybody can by tested positive anytime? You can’t see if the test is wrong, except maybe when the test is negative and you then still get sick, but then they say already that is the weak point and a negative test does not mean you are negative. So the test works 100% if you’re positive only and no “scientist” questions it. and people buy it.

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