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  1. Jack33

    Nothing to do with man made climate change, but everything to do with our solar system’s trip through the spiral arms of the Milky Way. We pass through one every 12k years.

    Those spirals arms are composed of magnetically charged cosmic dust particles that oppose the magnetic charge of our solar system, resulting in a catastrophic series of events. The poles of each planet reverse and our Sun will micronova.

    This is the cause of the cyclical catastrophe cycle evidenced in sediment layers of the rock here on earth. These are near extinction-level events;
    everything gets destroyed. The pitiful few who’ll remain are immediately thrust into a new stone-age.

    Scientist say we’re on our way back through another one of these spiral arms and we’re moving towards the “galactic wave,” as they call it. They’ve observed a star 6 light years away miconova back in 1998, and another 4 light years away micronova in 2012. Based on the time and distance between those two events it was approximately 28 years away back in 2012, making it the year 2040 this should occur.

    Bear in mind, the year 2040 is only the boom date of our Sun -the planets are each expected to undergo magnetic pole reversals well ahead of that date.

    Observations of Pluto and Neptune reveal something major has already occured on both those planets, and scientist tells us Earth’s currently in the midst of a magnetic excursion itself. Our field has been weakening at an exponential rate over the last couple of decades and the poles have left their usual positions and are on the move. The south pole is moving to a position in the Pacific Ocean east of Chile and the north pole has been racing towards Siberia on it’s way to the Bay of Bengal just west of India.

    This has been the cause for the extreme weather we’ve all been experiencing lately. Expect it to only get worse.
    Vulcanism and seismic activity will increase and dangerous levels of UV and cosmic radiation will begin wreaking havoc on our technology, health and electrical grid.

    Btw, all of this they’ll try blaming on us (global warming.)

    Here’s a couple links to some videos to better explain what’s occurring.


    1. ab Post author

      Thanks for the science fiction videos.
      Cow farts are more entertaining.
      The weather isn’t getting worse. The media is.
      They will be back on weather fear porn soon, as the Corona fatigue sets in.

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