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Are the socials publishers or platforms?

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They act like publishers but claim they are platforms.

I am looking into my own youtube platform to host my favorite (banned) videos.

WordPress’ videopress has banned the New Zealand hoax video and sent me a warning that I don’t want to repeat.

The only way I can be sure to have the videos stay is to host them on my own space.

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Rule of threes

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Coronavirushoax is a psyop on the grandest of scales.

It’s worldwide.

It’s using all the intelligence resources of the Anglo American empire.

They are using nlp, mind control, and slogans to usher in a new authoritarian capitalist dictatorship, as was modeled in China.

Here’s Vernon Coleman’s essay in full on the rule of three technique. Three slogans with three words.

Rinse, repeat, recall.

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Dr Day breaks it down

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Not a guilty Jesuit trained player in sight with Dr. Day, but she has the right idea on Covid.

[The Realist Report] Dr. Lorraine Day: COVID-19 UPDATES #theRealistReport
podplayer.net/?id=105741090 via @PodcastAddict

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