Your Monday morning snuff

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I prefer space on Monday morning, but I present to you what looks like a real crowd sourced murder, based on a staged/faked murder of one George Floyd.

Take away our youth’s biological sexuality, their job, and then their future, and you have enough kindling for an inferno.

I’ve mirrored it on my newly created…

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2 thoughts on “Your Monday morning snuff

  1. barbm124

    Hi ab, this looks real to you? Come on. Why this weird position on the ground? Is the hand suppose to look broken? Is he supposed to be unconscious?
    So everything is going back to normal then, right? Fake racists events, fake truck-driving-in-the-crowd events, etc. I’ve even seen some chemtrails again. There are rumors that the masks will be gone soon.

    1. ab Post author

      Maybe it’s staged too. I’m open to everything staged. We didn’t hear about this guy in any media, which makes it more legit to me.

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