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George Floyd-Frozen stiff thawed for the occasion

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I love deconstruction of the magic trick.

Here’s a good one.

Here’s another.

In previous posts, I have postulated that the death of George Floyd was a fake media story. This is still my belief, and in this post I hope to demonstrate exactly how simple it would be for such a hoax to play out. Most people dramatically inflate the number of participants who would need to be involved for such a hoax to play out. Take the following scenario as evidence to the contrary, and my own personal theory of what we might be seeing.


Blue Moon is one of the best thinkers on this.

Faulex – I like this as a murder mystery plot but allow me to suggest an even simpler process. Using the Spivey analysis, the footage looks for all the world like it was shot on a typical on- location movie set, complete with road blocks, prop cars and scattered extras. Continuity errors suggest a typical re-shoot to provide what’s know in the movie biz as ‘coverage’ in order to sell the narrative in clearer visuals. That would suggests multiple days of re-shoots. The participants may have been told they were making a training video and have no idea this footage would later be used in this current op. When they see it, they certainly won’t risk their pension and try to talk openly about it.

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FAC706-Rollo, Exoterick, Ab et al

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Rick and Rollo read the paper, TomD and Rollo do a drunkcast.

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