The insanity of face masks

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Science or mass psychosis? Can’t be both. On reviewing the actual science behind facemasks, we discover there is no evidence whatsoever that they protect against any infectious disease.

Worse, the majority of the science proves that facemasks cause asthma, allergies, and respiratory disease.

There is a Facemask Exemption form available at thedoctorwithin, and we describe how that works.

We also discuss the hidden demographic who are most affected by the radical new changes to the social order we’re witnessing: children.

How and why so many obstacles are being placed in the way of a return to normal – who benefits by these extravagant innovations, and why the bureaucrats are trying to make them permanent.

There is no other issue worth discussing in America today, more vital for our children’s future. This is not the time to create sweeping political agendas that ignore science.

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1 thought on “The insanity of face masks

  1. xileffilex

    Where are all the supine, venal, spineless psientists who know that wearing face masks is pointless? Keeping a low profile to make sure their research grants keep flooding in. Scum.


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