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  1. ricky

    Shaun is quite aware for a twenty year old, if he’s legit, he’s way ahead of his peers in understanding how the media operates. Farce value and Shaun were speculating on what separates the people open and receptive to counter narratives and those that can’t be reached (normies.) It was a great conversation, and something fakeologists probably contemplate all the time. The idea of NPCs doesn’t give the elites enough credit in my mind, the covid and BLM psyops have convinced me the normies are simply brainwashed. The term doesn’t exist in the lexicon for no reason, I’m sure every generation thinks they have become sophisticated enough to be immune to propaganda. My very intelligent friends all think along those lines, but they are, in fact, brainwashed. My broader point is that there may be hypnotic effect used in visual media, beyond subliminal fast frame messaging and creating a simple herd mentality through repetition that transforms normally intelligent people people into a zombie-like state. Maybe I’m giving people too much credit, but I don’t think people are born into this world to live in a drone like state by design.

    1. xileffilex

      I don’t listen to anything longer than one hour, but I’ll try and find the conversation with Shaun. The subject of people waking up or not takes up a lot of my thinking time. i remember showing someone one of, I think, Peekay’s videos of the 2013 Boston Marathon event which perfectly and incontrovertibly undermined the official story and the response was “that didn’t show anything” [contrary to the official narrative. That was from someone with a doctorate. I can only surmise that the power of the media – and I include The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Guardian, NY Times, as well as the BBC/CNN/Sky etc – are so great that it would be too awful for most people to contemplate that they are being shown film clips and treated to fiction as news. “What are you listening to that nonsense for?” is a standard rejoinder when I’ve tuned into dissident scientists and epidemiologists discussion Covid-19, for instance.

      People are desperate to believe something in their confused lives and the mass media and its various intel-concocted movements fit the bill nicely.

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