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Pick an autopsy

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Following the psyop concept that if you can’t convince, confuse.

I am still getting mail saying that Floyd’s death was due to underlying conditions. I see. By purest coincidence, he died of natural causes while hand-cuffed, face down, with cops kneeling on him. Nothing could be more natural.

Autopsies: Pick any two of three.


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Bill Gates reveals some more cards

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Gates is evil. The covid test is to collect blood samples to create a worldwide blood identity (not DNA hoax) database for his ID2020 absolute identification project.

Human trials on a vaccine – which itself does nothing – is immoral and insane. Who would sign up for this (if it’s really happening at all, which is unlikely.)

Bill Gates today warned anti-vaxxers could wreck attempts to develop a Covid-19 vaccine if they refuse to take it and reduce the level of herd immunity. Over 80 per cent of people may need to have the jab for it to work properly – but he feared anti-vaccine ‘craziness’ might put people off getting it. The billionaire founder of Microsoft, who now donates hundreds of millions of dollars to global health causes, said the prospect was ‘worrying’. Vaccines can only be successful at stamping out a virus if so

Source: Bill Gates warns anti-vaxxers could stop Covid-19 jab from working | Daily Mail Online

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Black Alex Jones tells the truth

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BLM is hot now.

This guy’s delivery is a little loud and abusive, but he’s got the SMOM deep state figured out. He also has a huge following.

At about the halfway point he starts talking about the George Floyd psyop.

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