Bill Gates reveals some more cards

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Gates is evil. The covid test is to collect blood samples to create a worldwide blood identity (not DNA hoax) database for his ID2020 absolute identification project.

Human trials on a vaccine – which itself does nothing – is immoral and insane. Who would sign up for this (if it’s really happening at all, which is unlikely.)

Bill Gates today warned anti-vaxxers could wreck attempts to develop a Covid-19 vaccine if they refuse to take it and reduce the level of herd immunity. Over 80 per cent of people may need to have the jab for it to work properly – but he feared anti-vaccine ‘craziness’ might put people off getting it. The billionaire founder of Microsoft, who now donates hundreds of millions of dollars to global health causes, said the prospect was ‘worrying’. Vaccines can only be successful at stamping out a virus if so

Source: Bill Gates warns anti-vaxxers could stop Covid-19 jab from working | Daily Mail Online

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3 thoughts on “Bill Gates reveals some more cards

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    well the covides of march went off pretty much as expected , we had our hundred days of games (time off work) and we were able to watch the gladiators ( heroes at work) in the arena got your free bread and the threat of snakes aurelius used to mix snakes with bread so theres your efraction, injection snakebite , and money
    ab had it from day one the controlled demolition of the states

    1. barbm124

      it’s actually more than 100 days already. Controlled demolition of states is a parallel project IMO. It was the French Revolution, which gave us the national state, as we grow up with. It is now obsolete, since there is globalization and TPTB established their control of information world wide and our children will definitely have a different understanding of the future world. I see it in my children. They are completely rootless. Terms like Germany or US are just buzzwords to them. They are 100% cosmopolitan and don’t even know the word. The same people that gave us the nationality once, are taking it back now. It’s fine with me.

  2. barbm124

    Hi ab, no injection, which vaccines usually are, does nothing. Even if it’s just water, it is a foreign substance which has to be absorbed and dealt with. But I don’t think they inject just water. They need side effects which are similar to the symptoms of the sickness they pretend to fight. This symptoms like fever, cough, etc. are common for actually any sickness. They claim that causing similar symptoms can prevent from future sickness. That’s what this all is about. they don’t test if the medicine really helps with the sickness in any way, they only test if it causes similar symptoms. They have some “vaccines” which work that way and which they reuse for the new viruses. They also have this tamiflu (which was a lucky strike) and its derivatives which they use for lots of sicknesses because it thickens blood and leads to heavy flu symptoms which “accidentally” match the symptoms of ALL new plaques. That’s why they invented the new sicknesses that way. It’s always the same story “the symptoms are similar to the flu but it’s a totally different sickness”. And people buy it. Human trials on vaccines and other medicine are real and are dangerous. They call it medical studies. One in need can make some easy money that way. They give you some poison and if you lucky you’ll make a few grands in a few weeks. Except if you’re not so lucky and get really sick. Two friends of mine did that back then in the past a few times, both got seriously ill, one of them is already dead. They register all the participants carefully of course and maybe they don’t give the real poison to somebody new, to make him come back. Also cancer chemo is practically a death sentence if you agree to it. It’s chemo which kills not the cancer. So doctors really kill people but people let them kill themselves voluntarily. I think TPTB just fool people and if you stupid enough to fall for them you, in a way, “deserve” to die. That way they select “the better” ones to not to get extincted. That’s how they practice population control. That’s my stand now. I don’t believe in any “blood identity”. Even the blood types are fake. Transfusion just doesn’t work at all. The body won’t accept any foreign biological substance. Sometimes people survive even blood transfusions but that doesn’t mean they were necessary or helpful. One more thing: doctors will never get sued if they do too much and go too far. They will only get sued if they didn’t do everything they were allowed to do. We call this “Health Care”.


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