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What does the Bill Gates army have against dentists?

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Dental health is perhaps one of the most important ways to preserve life.

Clean teeth help prevent systemic inflammation and heart disease.

The coronavirushoax rules laid out in Britain are in a word, insane.

Vernon thinks it will bankrupt the business – and therefore collapse it. Who will take care of teeth in Britain?

Canada is implementing similar rules.

How long will people put up with this nonsense over a phony virus?

Gates’ eugenicist gang is intent on killing us via our mouths. A thousand small cuts it seems.

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Bojo sucking all 4 Gates’ balls

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$8.8 billion wealth transfer.

Start at 2:44:44

[No Agenda] 1249: “KBALL One” #noAgenda
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Speech here

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Be the 1st to vote.

Not too many tweeters understand the concept.

With BLM/I can’t breath taking over the media, one wonders if anyone will pay much attention to the next stage of Covidmania.

I also like the theory that there will be no vaccine. The world will be strung along endlessly for years, with big pharma receiving endless tax research dollars, further increasing the wealth and control to oligarchs like Gates.

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