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Doug gets his orders from Gates Inc.

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Our please-love-me Premier won’t tell where’s he’s getting his advice. We know Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s chief medical officer, is just a glorified tea leaves reader, and is likely getting the playbook/schedule from the WHO/Gates Inc./Johns Hopkins simulation center.

“You deserve the same information I have. You deserve to see the same data I see, when I’m making decisions,” Ford told the camera during his daily Queen’s Park briefing on April 2. “You deserve to know what I know, when you’re making decisions for yourself, your family and community,” More than two months later, the novel coronavirus remains a pressing crisis, having sickened almost 31,000 people in the province, and caused close to 2,500 deaths. But while Ford continues to invoke “expert advice” to explain his government’s U-turns on things like testing protocols and the provincial reopening strategy, there has been little disclosure of who is providing it, and just what they are saying.

Source: Ontario’s Doug Ford says he relies on COVID-19 ‘experts,’ but his government won’t identify them | CBC News

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