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  1. barbm124

    it’s simply confusion spread on purpose. It doesn’t really matter if they really twitted this 8 days before it happened or if there was a person with the same name who died three years ago. It is one of many fake events scripted to further confuse and scare the folks. And it works as designed. What ever we find out about this it is what they want us to find out.
    This other video with the Us politicians kneeling made my day. How can anybody take this people seriously? I mean, they are serious in what they do, but they don’t do what they pretend to do. This are actors not decision makers. Actors do and say what’s in the script. Interesting that German politicians don’t make such fools of themselves. Anyway, we’re back in the middle age. Where superstition rules and where there is no place for reason.

    1. xileffilex

      ….no place for reason.

      I thought we were in the age of reason in which our top secular and rational scientific minds delivered the Covid-19 “pandemic” for their masters?

      1. barbm124

        the Belief in News is the current political religion (or neutral: ideology) and it’s world wide unified due to synchronized flow of information. TPTB say “Corona” and within days the entire world starts wearing masks. It’s incredible because nothing like this was possible in the past. On the other hand I tend to think, this isn’t really new and It’s only the next step in a ongoing project. You cannot fight the Zeitgeist, you can only adapt yourself to it and make the best of it for yourself. IMO. Stay informed, don’t let them fool you and don’t worry about things you cannot change. That’s the only way to stay sane. Life is good in general and getting better not worse. I grow up in poverty although it didn’t feel that way back then. So my prediction would be, the future is bright. No matter how it appears to us now. I’m optimistic.

        1. xileffilex

          How does one stay ‘informed”? If I awoke from an induced coma [inside hoax joke] and noticed everyone was wearing masks, all the shops were shut, buses running around empty, hospitals deserted, I’d have to go to the MSM to find out WTF was going on. Or should I just switch on Fakeologist or Peekay or whatever “trustworthy” [to me] source for the disambiguated news? How do we know anything which occure other than what is fed to the MSM? All we can do is to look at the MSM critically and decide if it makes sense. Not many have the time or inclination for that.

  2. dbuser

    It should be easy enough to prove one way or the other, for anyone so inclined.

    Create a page with an image, link to it for a Twitter card and tweet it. Then archive the tweet using an archive website (preferably the same one). After the archive has been taken, check the archive page to ensure the tweet was captured properly, then change the original image on the website.

    With a private browsing/incognito session, subsequent visits to the original tweet should show the updated image. It’s meant to be a live preview.

    Using the same private browsing/incognito technique, if the archive tweet also updates, then it’s also generating a live preview, which explains how GF’s face ended up on images from May 17 and Oct 29.

    If not… the archive page is a genuine point-in-time snapshot, image and all, and the jig is up.

  3. xileffilex

    I think it’s conspiracy candy. We’d need a screen grab from before May 25.
    Strangely, the AP “Fact checker” quotes June 8 as a date when the twitted place photo was of Floyd rather than the date it was replaced. It wasn’t in AP’s interest to fact check when the photo was altered. How difficult would that have been?

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