Technocracy rising

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Good video, except the fact that Patrick believes the virus is real.

If he thinks that the globalists just found an opportunity and seized it, then he’s possibly a shill and blind to how one starts with the problem by creating it.

The only real virus is in the mind.


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1 year ago

We’ve just had this online conference in London CogX This year’s virtual CogX will be the biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking online gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and activists in the world, all trying answer the question: “How to get next 10 years right?”. Kerry, Blair etc. Right for whom? This video ought to make anyone here sick. “vile conspiracy theories” Pandemic, BLM… “I sincerely hope the time for change is now” Amazing coincidence that this conference should take place now…not! How do we embed resilience into our organisations, harness technology for good and address the current… Read more »