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FAK229-Markus Allen

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Markus Allen and I catch up for an hour.

We’ll be back at it next month, July 12, 2020 at 2000h EDT.

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Coronavirushoax fallout for school in September

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If US schools want their Corona cash, they’ll have to comply with the federal guidelines.

School has always been a local affair, but the globalists use bribes and threats to take control away to centralise and run the show.

1) Support Students Furthest From Educational Justice
-Brought on by the recent race issues
2) Follow Health and Safety Requirements
-stagger arrival times
-health screening at door includes temperature check
-wear face mask or shield
-one way hallways
-only half of the population in school at a time (Monday is group 1, Tuesday group 2, Wednesday stay home for distance learning, Thursday is group 1, Friday is group 2)
-teach social distance at 6 feet
-cancel field trips, assemblies and any large gathering
3) Invest in Connectivity and Hardware
4) Provide More Training for Teachers
-Build anti-racist school culture
-Engage in culturally responsive practices

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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Looks ma, no legs

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Hey Ab,

I don’t know if you have seen this but it appears that Floyd was legless.

The body of ‘George Floyd’ that was lifted onto the gurney had no legs (0:35)

There is also this twitter thread here.



Thanks Andy!

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Bo Duke on The Rebel Flag and Dukes Of Hazzard

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As the elite fund the erasing of uncomfortable history, fakeologists need to see this as an important tool to fake history.

You’re watching the process in real time.

Bo still looks good. Amazing video quality too.

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