Coronavirushoax fallout for school in September

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If US schools want their Corona cash, they’ll have to comply with the federal guidelines.

School has always been a local affair, but the globalists use bribes and threats to take control away to centralise and run the show.

1) Support Students Furthest From Educational Justice
-Brought on by the recent race issues
2) Follow Health and Safety Requirements
-stagger arrival times
-health screening at door includes temperature check
-wear face mask or shield
-one way hallways
-only half of the population in school at a time (Monday is group 1, Tuesday group 2, Wednesday stay home for distance learning, Thursday is group 1, Friday is group 2)
-teach social distance at 6 feet
-cancel field trips, assemblies and any large gathering
3) Invest in Connectivity and Hardware
4) Provide More Training for Teachers
-Build anti-racist school culture
-Engage in culturally responsive practices

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus….

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