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  1. Fauxlex

    Considering the September Clues video has somewhat legitimate witnesses describing “a small plane” which is “definitely not commercial” and had “no windows”, I’m really surprised at how poorly the Missles option is doing in the poll. Several in September Clues say outright that it was a missle.

    Obviously the building would need to be rigged with explosives either way. I’m just very surprised at how badly the Nothing option is beating the Missles option in that poll. I did not expect that.

    What do you think? I know Simon Shack has his research hosted here at fakeologist, so I’m not sure your thoughts. What do you think?

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    sorry i dont
    it was recent and should still be up
    you see the thing with the masonic book club the artistocrats set up still annoys me not as much as the church but close ,so back away from any clubs leave the dystopian memoirs for someone real, i thought skinny jeans couldnt be topped , but watching people complain about no masks during a copper killing a blackman show ……….. makes sense now the ultimate aim of communism was to mechanise everything coming soon ,and this duality and race bullshit is no different shit is that obvious they can reverse it without a blink of an eye, sign me up i got a new lightsaber. seriously everything is 180 .

  3. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    oh i do read peiceofmindful everyday like fakeologist and i do enjoy it , so when the boys read this yay, i also listened to the radio show recently , nice to put a voice to an avatar or so

    but realise this i have listened for a number of years to all sides of media for diffferent events to synthesize a direction were heading , remeber i never joined the masons after the army spat me out disallusioned(never in any service phew cleared that up ( cadets?) (so never came into contact with 20th century writers of doom) in order to justify my blindness , all i have done is found logic and follwed the guys saying it ,, that brought me too ab smj and chris …….
    theres only two left so get them covid masks on guys

    wonder if marcus needs cleaner for his country ,,

  4. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    remeber 911 was multiple things to different levels of houseclown wether you had shares in arms all the way to x ray machines , but i would like to hear the main lot at peiceof mindful s views on what they think happened , the embarrasment comment came from a teacher not teaching their students , takes some bollocks to run a poll on an event you know some of your writers or members will not or cannot speak truthfully about .

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