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The Cuban Missile Crisis – Another Hoax

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The Soviets probably had nothing to do with the hoax either.

If the Bay of Pigs invasion was a hoax, as I suspect it was, the Soviets would have known, Castro would have known, and the Pentagon would have known. This leads me to suspect that, given that everyone knew everything, that the entire Cuban Missile Crisis was a hoax. By “hoax” I mean no showdown, no Soviet vessels turning around, no blockade, no missiles. It was all a TV show.

Source: State of Fear governance: The Cuban Missile Crisis – Piece of Mindful

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Software engineer gets spit in the face and gets covaids and other insane conspiracy stories

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These anti-conspiracy theory “experts” never give a fakeologist approved example in their propaganda pieces. This guy is especially pathetic.

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The real covaids

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Pesticides wipe out insects in a single shot.

We eat the food they’re sprayed on.

Over time, they no doubt bio accumulate in our system causing dis-ease.

The same big pharma sells us drugs to counter this dis ease, further toxifying us.

Since it effects large groups of consumers, they can call it a epi/pandemic.

That’s how we get to 2020.

Add toxically made corn sugar, chlorinated water, boxed food that doesn’t spoil, it’s no wonder we struggle to keep healthy.

The bees are just the canary in the coal mine – almost a distraction.

We are all addicted to nicotine via Neonicotinoids

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He missed being the next Clarence Thomas by this much

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More in-your-face deception propaganda.

The fake name Waynel Sexton carries on the scriptwriter/satanist obsession with the third eye between your cheeks.

She probably lives in Uranus, ArkansASS.


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9/11 was a Jesuit job

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Georgetown, Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR, Club of Rome.

If you’ve never heard of any of the above, and think the Jews did it, then you’re not doing your research.

Listen to Markus and SJCP’s fantastic audio laying out who runs this world.

The military intelligence, with their Society of Jesus (SJ) trained leaders, are the top of the world management pecking order.

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