Live your life

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No need to pick sides – just live. Resist the temptation and remember Corona is the biggests looting of all public treasuries – ever.

So says Miles.

Therefore, you don’t have to pick sides in this current fiasco. Tell both the Antifa actors and the Hell’s
Angels actors to fuck off and start your own real revolution. Drive around these bozos and do
something real. Form real alliances with real people. These fake revolutionaries took over the streets
because the streets were empty. You were home sucking your thumb, afraid to catch a cold, cowering
under the bed as CNN and FOX told you what to think and what to do. But you can remedy that.
Wake up, dunk your head in cold water, slap yourself a few times, and remind yourself that your life is
yours. The future is yours. You have things to do and you know how to do them. So get busy. Start
by refusing illegal orders.* Start by speaking out. Start by talking to your neighbors. Start by turning
off the fake news. Do not be afraid. Do not social distance, do not wear masks, go to church, open
your restaurant, open your gym. LIVE YOUR LIFE.

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