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Disneyworld covaids dud

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WDW in Orlando may be off my bi-annual vacation list now.

Mrs. Fakeologist is beside herself over all the covaid rules being implemented in our new dystopian world – and her enthusiasm for the “happiest place on earth” may not be enough to get her to conform and spend money there – ever again.

With all these rules,  they’ll have to triple the rates to make the same money.

  1. Park reservations required (even if you make a park reservation, you may be denied entry if there are too many people)
  2. Park reservations are not guaranteed even if you stay on property
  3. No FastPasses
  4. No park hopping
  5. No parades
  6. No fireworks
  7. No meet & greets
  8. Masks are mandatory (ages 2 and up)
  9. 6′ of social distancing

Disney is helping to socially engineer the covaids revolution I’m sure.

h/t Mrs. Fakeologist

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Aging in place to be accelerated by COVID

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Covid19 is a wargame-like simulation exercise to effect massive societal change – like all psyops. The method of circumventing established laws and constitutions is by appealing to fear and enacting “emergency laws” that suspend all normal government restrictions. Rules are by decree or executive order.

One of the hundreds or even thousands of goals is to shift society from warehousing old people – and simulating such institutions to be unsafe, unclean, and deadly.

This is why the majority of the simulated covid-attributed deaths are in nursing homes.

The alternative method is adult day cares, staying in the established home, and bringing in assistant care.

It’s actually what the majority wants, but there was no infrastructure to support the concept.

Covid19 is an excuse to change all that – as it is for any change wanted but hindered by the normal governing structure.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level”.[1]

Source: Aging in place – Wikipedia

Inspectors found problems at Ont. care home hit hard by COVID-19 weeks before help was ordered, documents show | CBC News

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Yes Ron a second wave may come

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If you believe all the preconditioning and predictive programming, Plandemic 2, or the bioweapon simulation exercise/operation is coming in the fall.

Ron -you’re a doctor – why don’t you help promote that youcantcatchavirus.com?

Just a week or so ago the mainstream media and thousands representing the “medical community” told us we must throw out the “stay-at-home” orders and go to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The Covid-19 virus will not bother people who are protesting this injustice, they said. The virus only attacks people leaving their homes to protest the stay-at-home orders.


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