Disneyworld covaids dud

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WDW in Orlando may be off my bi-annual vacation list now.

Mrs. Fakeologist is beside herself over all the covaid rules being implemented in our new dystopian world – and her enthusiasm for the 0;happiest place on earth” may not be enough to get her to conform and spend money there – ever again.

With all these rules,  they’ll have to triple the rates to make the same money.

  1. Park reservations required (even if you make a park reservation, you may be denied entry if there are too many people)
  2. Park reservations are not guaranteed even if you stay on property
  3. No FastPasses
  4. No park hopping
  5. No parades
  6. No fireworks
  7. No meet & greets
  8. Masks are mandatory (ages 2 and up)
  9. 6′ of social distancing

Disney is helping to socially engineer the covaids revolution I’m sure.

h/t Mrs. Fakeologist

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3 thoughts on “Disneyworld covaids dud

  1. Gabriel

    Wow Tim. I know you mention your family likes to go to Disney. With all these rules this would be a miserable experience. Maybe you should still go for it. All that overhead will turn a lot of people off from going. You might get the park to yourself.

    Here in Dallas we go back to mandatory masks again at 11:59 tonight. I’ll be testing the mask authorities tomorrow. They now threaten $500 fine on the business if they don’t enforce us wearing a mask. Its insane. Here in Dallas its about 100 degrees here everyday and with humidity even worse. People with masks sweat and then they wipe that sweat and touch things all in the store that I have to touch. Its the opposite of a good recommendation. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is any virus at all. I have not seen a sick person and don’t know anyone that has had the virus. The company I work for is mostly in the hot spots Seattle, Dallas, and I have not heard anyone from work getting the virus.

    Another great person I am following and is a real hero is Peggy Hall from California. Here is her latest video, www.youtube.com/watch?v=FimV3E…. She shows how the whole mask thing goes against our own health. Not sure if I heard her from you or someone else on Fakeologist but probably the best I have seen so far.

    Hang in there everyone. We are witnessing and participating in the biggest psychological operation in history. It does not shock me that the perps pulled this now with one of their important occult solstice holidays this weekend.

  2. ricky

    That’s an interesting development, how many patrons can afford to triple their expenditures there? I suspect not that many, it already was costly to stay and attend the parks. Since Disney is an integral component in the ruling class, the upper management would be immune from any loss of business. I wonder if some of these nearby Disney hotel/ condo complexes will be repurposed as large apartment units to front-run the “new economy?” The Disney corporation certainly hasn’t been blindsided by this virus hoax, what happens there may well be a blueprint for any structured system we encounter from now on.


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