Markus Allen on the Swine Flu of 2008

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Coronavirushoax is nothing new – in fact, everything Mark talks about with Aajonus Vonderplanitz seems relevant and topical and probably true today.

John Langley also calls in later to add some fascinating prospective to the call.

One of the best parts of listening to old audio is seeing how things turned out.

Where did the doctor go to live? What happened to him?

Sadly, he died a spooky death in Thailand. Is this to spin us off into la-la land as Markus tells us?

I still think he’s on the right track that viri are solvents, and we create/mobilise them, rather than get them externally by being breathed on.

In August 2013, at his farm in Thailand, Vonderplanitz apparently leaned against his house’s second-story balcony rail, which proved faulty, allowing his fall that broke his spine and paralyzed him.[14][30] At the hospital, he accepted pain-killing drugs, yet refused surgery to repair internal bleeding.[30] After a few days, he lost consciousness and died.[14][30] Despite rumors of conspiracy, two of Vonderplanitz’s colleagues described local circumstances suggesting a genuine accident.[30] Vonderplanitz had authored two books: a memoir retracing his path to and introducing the Primal Diet, We Want To Live (1997/2005), and a follow-up recipe book citing putative scientific evidence, The Recipe for Living Without Disease (2002).[5]

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