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FAC713-Vantassel, Human Vibration

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Two new voices in one day!

Human Vibration talks about the Jon Benet Ramsey hoax.

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Gates’ public health officials hypocrisy reveals their hand

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The coronavirushoax has nothing to do with health, it’s a cover to (like all viri in history), in this case, reset the financial markets by looting the public treasuries, driving them all into certain bankruptcy and ultimate capture by the elite.

White House press secretary Kelly comments the bias as well.

[No Agenda] 1253: “Trained Marxist” #noAgenda
podcastaddict.com/episode/1085… via @PodcastAddict

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Virus that doesn’t act like a virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV? 

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The fakers of the coronavirushoax are all over the place: their lies are contradicting and stepping all over themselves.

The question is this: Why are there zero experts in the mainstream media asking why this virus seems immune from acting like a virus? Why would the virus be continuing at full strength through the summer in the United States? Common sense and critical thinking skills are damn-near dead here in America. They are actively laughed at and discouraged in public discourse. We are now going to be left with the new HIV. The new virus that absolutely cannot be a virus.

Source: Virus that doesn’t act like a virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV? – Piece of Mindful

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FAK230-Lynn Ertell

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I chatted one-on-one with experienced conspiracy researcher Lynn Ertell.

FakeologistToday at 8:36 PM

Web Fairy / Rosalee Grable

FakeologistToday at 9:05 PM

BBC America
1st Moon Phone Call | Moon Landing Live | BBC America

Lynn in battle:

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