Virus that doesn’t act like a virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV? 

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The fakers of the coronavirushoax are all over the place: their lies are contradicting and stepping all over themselves.

The question is this: Why are there zero experts in the mainstream media asking why this virus seems immune from acting like a virus? Why would the virus be continuing at full strength through the summer in the United States? Common sense and critical thinking skills are damn-near dead here in America. They are actively laughed at and discouraged in public discourse. We are now going to be left with the new HIV. The new virus that absolutely cannot be a virus.

Source: Virus that doesn’t act like a virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV? – Piece of Mindful

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1 thought on “Virus that doesn’t act like a virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV? 

  1. barbm124

    I may have some answers here. First, it is not like that nobody questions the official narrative. It’s just that this critics are not present in the mainstream. Lot’s of people ask the right questions but you’ll find them only in the comment sections and they are careful not to question directly. We are living in the Orwell’s dream now. The belief in news became the world religion. You can either belong to the (religious) community or be an ostracised news denier.
    The “new” virus behaves differently and is being dealt with differently too. It is no longer necessary to make a complicated antibody test. It is sufficient now to make fast smear test. The don’t tell us any details yet how they test it. They just do and they are 100% accurate. Except they tell you the test is negative and you still get sick. That’s the weak point of the test. So if your test is positive, it is 100% correct, if it is negative it may be wrong. That way you can always be sick. Also you don’t need to have any symptoms anymore. Now you’re sick when the test tells you so. Not only when you just feel sick. You can be acute infected now without ever being sick. but on the other side. all you need to do is to wear a mask and keep distance and everything will be fine. You don’t need antibiotics, any disinfectant will kill the virus. They have virus killing masks now or some company here can kill viruses in any area using UV-lamps. I kid you not. Another company can tell the rate of infections by sewage analysis. And they’re not joking.

    I think it is a way to change the old fashioned pathogen theory, which required symptoms, laboratory analysis, dangerous jabs, etc. into something more handy. Something where you can be told to be infected at any time without any conditions and even without consulting a doctor. An app will tell if you got infected just by accidentialy walking to close to someone who just got declared acute infected without any symptoms. It’s the new world order where you cannot be sure of anything anymore.

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