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Freedom can kill you

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China got the coronavirushoax first, and is three months ahead of us.

To see what the scamdemic has in store for North America, it’s instructive to see what China is doing now.

We don’t have the same authoritarian capitalist government here (yet?), so they’re relying on “emergency orders” masquerading as laws and fearmongering to get people to comply here. So far, the fear is more compelling then any order – and compliance is high.

Watch this doc. It’s entirely possible that the maskers will demand the tech to mimic China’s laws.

As for the dissident reporters in the following doc, I am sure they’re all controlled opposition.


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Great vaccine clips from Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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Such a great call, I had to grab 3 clips that you can pass around if and when the famous Covid vax ever comes. I tend to think it will never come – we haven’t seen an AIDS vaccine from Dr. Faulty in 30 years.

Would you drink this mix? If not, why would you put it directly into your bloodstream?


Never let anyone stick anything into your body


Testing for viri is a biohazard, and the handling costs for the tests cost thousands of dollars


All from this great call from Markus.


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FAK231-Jr. Fakeologist

likes this

I have a chat by the beach with Jr. Fakeologist, and apologize to her for the coronavirushoax/covaids dystopia that is her future.


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2 Buffalo Cops Suspended After STAGED Event – Fakeotube

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Update 6/23

This drone pilot found a – movie set – was where this all went down.

Update 6/14

All my favorites at 153net think it’s real. Uncle Alice, Anaconda, Jefferson Girl. Are they working together? I still say the blood pump gives it away. I still say it takes great effort to keep your head elevated when on your back. In fact, it’s part of my morning exercise routine and winds me.


Update 6/10

Massaging the blood line

Update 6/9

Clearly a stunt. Was it even done in real time or prerecorded?

Update 6/8/20

Anaconda thinks it was real. Link

Even after watching and reading all the info, I say it was a well staged fall – not easy to do without getting hurt for real, but well done.

Piece of Mind post

Source: 2 Buffalo Cops Suspended After STAGED Event – Fakeotube

A (paid) agitator? Either way, a dangerous place to tread.

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