Overdose of 33

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I’m sure they did lay off thousands but was this number really necessary? Endless masonfitti signaling.

WestJet will lay off 3,333 workers and is planning to consolidate and contract out much of its operations as the pandemic continues to sink the majority of demand for air travel.

Source: WestJet lays off 3,333 workers as pandemic continues to wipe out demand for air travel | CBC News

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1 thought on “Overdose of 33

  1. xileffilex

    They’re just laughing at us.
    Jeff C is all fired up – he gets onto Covid nonsense later. The Barcelona concert hall clip from Global News is madness beyond comprehension.

    I don’t watch, read or listen to the MSM any more, but should I just sit at home and when the knock at the door from the Stasi state comes,ought I be surprised or expecting it?
    Someone has to digest it.

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