Suspicious big car crash with bigger GoFundMe

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Update 6/29:

Facebook pages are gone.


Update 6/25:

Funeral was live streamed – to what sounds like an empty church, by no tears Connie.

Victim’s facebook looks empty for a 30 something woman – Kar Lu?

She has no friends?

Video saving possible facebook pages of those mentioned in article


Update 6/

Gofundme closing in on $400K!

I still don’t understand why in a normal situation we are to believe that a gofundme is necessary, especially when the victims are not the breadwinners. Does everyone that dies get a gofundme? Doesn’t anyone have death insurance any more? From a point of view, the reason is obvious. Actors need to get paid.

Why is the (activist) Brampton mayor getting involved in a legal case? If this is a real case, doing this clearly violates and right to a fair trial. Any (real) politician should know this.

On Thursday, Brampton’s mayor Patrick Brown shared a shocking video from OPP that showed that same man driving erratically behind the wheel of his vehicle days prior to the incident.

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As Corona interest fades (for now), the crashes around town begin again.

I was sent a video of this scene hours after it happened.

A gofundme was started within 12 hours, complete with family portrait.

This city is notorious for high speed crashes. I drive by many every single day.

Is this story real?

An additional video popped up yesterday, further building the story.

While everyone stood and watched, Sandeep Singh jumped into action. Dramatic video posted to Facebook shows a blue Infiniti — allegedly the same vehicle responsible for Thursday’s horrific crash in Brampton that killed four people — rolling slowly through the intersection of Dougall Ave. and Kennedy Rd. N. in the Strawberry Fields neighbourhood of Caledon.

Source: Shocking video allegedly of suspect in crash that killed mom, three kids | Toronto Sun

The city’s mayor also started tweeting, condemning and vilifying the suspect (what happened to due process?)

All the above factors make this story at least suspicious.

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