Palm Beach County Mask Mandate compilation 2020

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Americans are the last stand against the NWO. I don’t care if they are Christians or Trumpers or radical right.

I still love ’em.

This video is about PBC Mask Mandate June 23rd, 2020

Tight group of American patriots defunding our constitutional rights.

The voting was a unanimous 7-0 however it was not a total loss given all the exemptions that had been listed in the order.

If you would like to help our lawsuit, here is our link on GoFundMe:……

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1 thought on “Palm Beach County Mask Mandate compilation 2020

  1. barbm124

    so what, ab? All the speakers are correct, but they don’t exercise their rights. They will wear their masks no matter that they don’t have to. There is no law, nowhere in the world, that will punish a human for not wearing a mask. On the other side, it is not so easy of course. I wear a mask in the store because I don’t want to discuss virology with the cashier, or in the bus, because I don’t want to trouble the other passengers believing in Corona. The bus driver though won’t throw me away if I don’t wear a mask. I’ve seen that a few times where somebody entered the bus without the mask despite being offensively hated by the Corona followers. Once such a person got involved in a discussion with an aggressive Coronist and the bus driver had to ask both out of the bus on the next station but that’s ok. The bus driver have to take care of general security in his car and avoid fights between passengers. I wear a mask to avoid such situations but I do it offensively lazy and don’t cover my nose for instance. Which sometimes leads to silly remarks from eager Coronists.
    They still do lots of “disinfecting” here. Make “disinfecting” any sense? It is mainly alcohol in there right? They suggests somehow alcohol can kill the germs. But it does not kill bacteria. If you swallow some antibiotics it will destroy the bacteria in your stomach and make you sick for weeks, right? You’ll lose appetite, feel powerless, etc. Antibiotics is poison extracted from fungus. It really kills bacteria. If you drink alcohol nothing like it will happen. You may get drunk but you’ll get sober the next day and even have more appetite. Yet still people believe disinfecting somehow kills germs. If it does not kill bacteria, how can it kill a virus? Of course I’m not suggesting bacteria causes sickness or that viruses do exists. It’s all lies based on other lies and this pyramid is so high now, even the experts can’t see the ground it stays on anymore.

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