Cover and conditioning

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Ever wonder why there is always a drill before a major military operation?

The intelligence/military is no doubt the coronavirushoax worldwide campaign.

No other organization has the money or infrastructure to run such a campaign. Gates and his public health androgynes are simply the face of the beast, although Gates will still profit handsomely.

Here’s the manual on how to prime the psyop pump from 101.

Two other specialized terms utilized in military deception are conditioning and cover. Conditioning is the repetition of what could be preparations for a hostile action which you do not commit?thereby
lulling the victim into a false sense of security. It is a variation of the “familiarity breeds contempt” theme. This is a concept which is often
associated with the outbreak of warfare and relates to peacetime activities which might or might not be preparations for war. It could
also, however, refer to repetitive behavior in the conduct of ongoing
military operations which is used to desensitize an enemy to a threat.
Cover is the use of an apparently nonthreatening activity to disguise preparation for or initiation of a hostile act. A common example is the use of a training exercise to hide preparations for an attack. If the training exercise was the last in a long series of training
exercises which had not led to actual hostile action in the past, this could also be an example of conditioning?hence the tendency to refer to “conditioning and cover.” The two concepts are linked by their complementary definitions. In recent years, both the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and the Falklands War of 1982 were launched under the
cover of training exercises similar to exercises which had occurred before.

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2 thoughts on “Cover and conditioning

  1. xileffilex

    I think this also needs the tag fearmongering Notice how often the word fear appears in the document.
    The UK government’s Covid advisory group has a sub-group of mind-benders called the Behavioural Insights Team, which was exposed here from 12:25 – the key propaganda tool was ratcheting up fear to produce compliance.

    We were never told the names of all the people on the committes, SAGE and BIT, but the suspicious is that military intelligence is involved.

    See also this chapter by a known gatekeeper ** in a recent book who also lays the controllers’ cards on the table.…

    It becomes so obvious that the terror propaganda industry nicely slides across to condition the world’s people that there’s a viral pandemic in process.
    The British military, particularly in recent years, has evolved from its effects-based approach, toward coordinated Information Operations (IO) where PSYOP and Media Operations unite behind a holistic effort to achieve clearly defined objectives.

    ** part of the “fact checking ” cabal…
    Emma Louise Briant
    Propaganda ‘boundaries’ and the extended apparatus
    in Propaganda and counter-terrorism
    Chapter DOI:….
    Online Publication Date: 01 Jan 2015

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