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Rigged sports are back

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National Magnetball League

The NBA is back! There’s is definitely some truth to this video. Something is going on with the basketballs in the NBA. Pushing aside the bullshit in this video about blood sacrifices, the footage of these balls getting stuck right above the rims, balls being shot almost half court and going in regularly and these balls that magically go with unreal bounces. Something is up.

Source: Questioning Our Reality: Rigged Rims And Balls

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World Economic Forum plans for the future

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Translate “may” and “could” to “will”.

No doubt a Covid pass is your future, with its blood test to positively identify you to a world database.

Of course they say your travel movements will be anonymous – if you believe that, then you’re missing the point.

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FAK234-John Friend, Markus Allen

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John and I discuss the coronavirus hoax.

After an hour or so Markus Allen calls in.

Listen live here:


Call in to listen or chat

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(pre)Conditioning Coronavirushoax in Unlocked

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Michael Douglas looking more like Kirk as he ages in this clearly designed movie Unlocked, directed by a favorite director of the Up series Michael Apted – conditioning us to expect and accept the Coronavirus hoax script.

Medical martial law.

As previously stated, we are in a medical martial law coup.


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Media theater to discredit truthers

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Here’s an old media bully Bill O’Reilly using a 9/11 LARPing victim’s son to discredit critical thinkers.


Here’s another staged media event LARPer in today’s Coronavirushoax theater being dressed down by another media bully actor.


Both are meant to dissuade anyone from questioning the official story by humiliation and ridicule.

If you understand the 9/11 psyOp, Coronavirushoax is much easier to understand. Both use military psyOp standard techniques to influence you.

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