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Ring of fire and Covid conspiracies

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A fine blend of covid/conspiracies/Qanon/middle aged/military/white/guns/Trudeau/celebs to link crazy with anyone questioning the coronavirushoax.

This toxic mix of tropes and memes is more obvious than the future mess that will be part of the mythical covid vaccine.

More pathetic psyOp writings for the Canadians who even bother reading the “news”.

The jalapeno sausage part of the story is a particularly puerile poo poo pee pee joke.

He is also the owner of a small meat company with a flagship garlic jalapeno sausage he is proud of. A father and a member of the local Lions Club, he was described as “a community-minded personality” in the local paper, back when his only notoriety was how spicy his “Ring of Fire” sausages were. The COVID-19 pandemic and its emergency restrictions brought considerable change to Hurren — to his work, his military life, his public pastimes and, perhaps, his state of mind.

Hurren was charged Friday with 22 criminal offenses: one of uttering threats, the rest relating to his four firearms and ammunition brought into the Rideau grounds.

Source: Man who allegedly crashed truck through Rideau Hall’s gate with four guns is soldier troubled by COVID conspiracies | National Post

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like this

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Count the ways to coronavirushoax fakery

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The 2nd wave “surge” is made up of so many ways to counting for corona it’s simply fraud.
The medical professionals standing by watching the fraud should be ashamed, but are probably simply unable to react to the massive psyOp propaganda like everyone else.

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