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Feinberg and Crump and psyOps

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A good (removed) video/audio talking about the key psyop players being used over and over for years.

How could the 9/11 compensation fund be administered by just a single person? All kinds of other oddities and connections discussed.

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The Statue of Liberty is a man

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Jordan says the Jebbies and masons are in full control.

He speaks of an October (late September) surprise.

[Infinite Plane Radio] IPS SUNDAY SCHOOL: JORDAN MAXWELL and TIM OZMAN 6/28/2020 #infinitePlaneRadio
podcastaddict.com/episode/1089… via @PodcastAddict

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Lockdown smackdown Australia by postal code

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China style coronavirushoax measures come to Australia.

The ID2020 program has begun in earnest – my theory is that testing is a cover for an absolute ID system for the new Gates world.


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