Wear your mask or die

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Does this apply to heart attack patients as well?

Does anyone know what the hippocratic oath says on masks?

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4 thoughts on “Wear your mask or die

  1. xileffilex

    It’s depressing. Mask wearing was just another psychological operation but it needed extra coercive push. Scotland is being used for another UK experiment in this regard.
    From Wired, 6/27/2020.
    The rise of mask shaming reveals the tricky science of social change
    Mask shaming shows how quickly new behaviours can go from rare to common. But in some communities you’re still more likely to be shamed for wearing a mask than not ***

    *** suuuuure. I like the spin here!

    A 2018 study from the University of Pennsylvania tried to identify the point at which large scale social changes go from being a fringe position to the norm, and settled on 25 per cent as the magic number for change. There is a tipping point around this level where adding a single extra voice to the minority group advocating for a social change seems to have a big difference – and the same could be true for mask wearing.

    We’re well past the tipping point now.

    ….as lockdown eases, safe behaviours ** can start to spread more quickly than the virus

    What a coinidence. [** aka idiotic. xenophobic behaviours]

    No wonder that these treasonous “scientific”advisory committees are packed out with behavioural psychologists. Where are all those “experts” from March 2020 who said it was pointless to wear masks?

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    watched couple of mins of the follow up video , shes clearly a liar and not in canada no mooses or snow or endless lakes ,
    remember even though most of us view these vids as ready to be released psi op videos . usually to push the next wave of public mourning acceptance etc etc . alot of people are as sensitive to outrage without being a fakeologist
    weve had friends where one belives moonlanding and the other doesnt , same with politics, now i do believethat this is the perfect time for refusing to serve unless masked , does that make it legit , does it matter , is it different to voluntary dancing nurses , is she in on it , we know one thing it aint about any oath we know . probably a bunch of fucking witches but well keep watching because we do recognise clarity and common sense ,

  3. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    Being medical professionals they should know the basics of bed side manner, but this being a hrdpar and nothing to do with any health related matter, apart from the figures being attached to a supposedly annual flu, I’d say they’re pissed off with working when there’s clearly fuck all going on. Remember it’s about the masks now but that’s a thin veil for everyone’s different disappointment that they fell for it, I think the coranavirusathon has clearly debunked IQ, now we should measure how much bullshit folks can regurgitate, whilst contradicting their beliefs,

    1. ab Post author

      Sadly the comments, army unit 77 or not, are mostly against the poster. I suspect the maskers outrank the nons 9:1.


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