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Coronadulting: Thoughts on Adulting in the Age of Covinfantilization 

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Time for the adults left at the table to come together and get to work.

My first stab at writing this rant came across as highly smug and sarcastic, with a reactive approach bordering on victim and martyr. Ugh. So I needed to check myself, because my goal is to model and define what it means to be a mature adult in the wake of deceptive agendas.

Source: Coronadulting: Thoughts on Adulting in the Age of Covinfantilization – Piece of Mindful

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Amish school shooting hoax

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Great audio summarizing this #HRDPAR, which happened just miles from where Markus lives.

I won’t bother listing some of the gruesome, hoax riddled sections of the wiki. They are written by a sick sexual pervert who clearly wanted to portray a crazy perp.

West Nickel Mines School shooting – Wikipedia

Markus found out many facts consistent with this being a federal drill.

  • the local first responders were kept away from the scene
  • there was a 5 mile perimeter around the scene for a week
  • the school house was destroyed the next day, and not a week later, and the community was paid $300,000 and also received a new federally funded school house
  • out of state demolition haulers were called in (and likely overpaid), told to drop their trailers, and 5 hours later told to return to a sealed trailer and take them to an undisclosed location

At around the 2 hour mark of this audio on 6-26-2010, the trucker called in and talked with Markus about the operation.

Markus Allen’s new XClave – an ambitious new mask/vax free community.

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Melbourne madness is for mass identification not testing

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3000 in 9 towers equals 333 per (h/t Maggie) is a lot of people being psychologically tortured. How cruel they prey upon the needy in government housing. Of course, psyops are constantly being run in government housing everywhere, including here in Canada.

Expect this latest drill to come here. I believe the testing as for ID 20/20 which will be the world’s largest interconnected identification database) so people can be absolutely identified using their digital blood blood print – not DNA ( which is fake).

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Anti-mask racist psyop

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These over the top anti maskers are likely intelligence crisis actors.

They are running in every jurisdiction – this is a worldwide psyop after all.

This one is posted on a fresh YouTube channel.

The purpose is to shut down any mask “deniers” before they even think the thought.

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33 is simply hoax code

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33 is the most blatant way for them to message that they’re faking the numbers – all of them.

Here’s an almost 33 minute! video showing the thousands of hours of worldwide hoax messaging.

The medical military coup is worldwide.

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Tim’s Corona commentary

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Tim’s updating his soundcloud feed again.

He’s also still alive on YouTube.

[Infinite Plane Radio] 7 – 7-2020 CALL NOW 844 – 966 – 1984 #infinitePlaneRadio
podcastaddict.com/episode/1093… via @PodcastAddict

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