2 thoughts on “Dissident doctor on the way to the gulag

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    seems honest , but lets not forget evil gates has been awarded custody of the third world children and all , and its now become apparent thats all of us , thanks to openly synthesizing such bollocks as nasa ,actors for presidents and magical arabs with marxist beliefs , the computer took over

    it does seem peculiar that gates.s other plan to control and kill by whatever means necesary qualities havent been picked upon ( loving the doc by the way),
    i wonder if any realise believing one thing that is bullshit spreads like a virus .
    weve had stop motion astronauts, deformed dinos coz the grinders cable wouldnt reach the other side , in the past 40 years pyramids nearly disappeared , well you know what i mean .
    now that mechanism that is known as a virus is being used , and yet its assumed it causes damage
    and is alive.
    maybe for a finite amount of time your waste has contaminates in and in a non sanitized area woah bad news , but seriously you think your safe vaccine wont sterilise your kids ,
    i always like to add the top 5 selling drugs up , usually good for a slap

    im preaching to crowd
    and i do hope the aussy towerblocks are theatre

    1. xileffilex

      I too wondered whether the Nine Melbourne tower blocks were a steering psy-op, with accompanying organised ‘protest’. Good point, Napoleon. There should be hundreds of instagram and facebook posts available from the “imprisoned” residents….
      Perhaps the towers had been emptied like the torched Grenfell Tower [‘NDNGH] in London.
      Anyway, job done, But we can’t prove anything. The edict resulting in the ‘lockdown’ of the designated suburbs is real though, as are the excellent connections with the Mellbourne elite of the Covid-19 poster boy “victim” who was put in front of the Aussie media with his script.


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