Meet the new Pope Francis of vaccines

likes this

Coronavirushoax is mainly a to create the biggest business in the world: worldwide annual or more .

Think of the market. 7 billion x $100 (?) x 1-2 times a year.

What other business today has this kind of future?

Listen to this pathetic stage play advertising this new market and preconditioning the population.

This warm and fuzzy Francis Collins, who wants to merge Christianity with science, may be the real anti-Christ.

Great analysis found here:

1258: 0;Dummy Placebo”

2020-07-09 by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

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7 thoughts on “Meet the new Pope Francis of vaccines

        1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

          no manchester university hasnt ditched me yet , probably start back within the month, not sure what will happen ,not seen a doctors office for 35 years unless i cleaned it and my terrain is perfect for my environment one cold a year and im not scared of pharmaceutical bogeymen , but i can see the difference in medical professionals of different generations , and its not gonna bee fun
          and remember dont watch t.v so not up to date with whatever the bell book and candle bbc have synthesized .

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    You know when I have asked any of the doctors that travel to African countries to vaccinate if they’d inject their own children a few always mentioned that their child has allergies etc etc deflecting obviously aware of dangers and a few said they wouldn’t inject their dog,
    Great work ab.

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