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A lying media doctor

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Just what we needed: deliberate media disinformation from a virologist.

Don’t we have enough already from Fauci and Gates?

I don’t even know if this is a real story. Either way, it’s more disorientation for the masses.

NBC News spent weeks documenting its science contributor’s battle with COVID-19, but now he admits that he never tested positive for it. Dr. Joseph Fair, a virologist, believed he had the virus and appeared on air numerous times to discuss his struggle with illness in May and June. On Tuesday, Fair admitted that he tested negative for the virus multiple times but had originally believed he had it regardless. Fair also tested negative upon taking an antibody test.

Source: NBC News Spent Weeks Reporting On A Contributor’s Journey Battling Coronavirus – But He Never Had It | The Daily Caller

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Castro was a Jesuit trained RC first, communist second

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Communism controlled and implemented by the SMOM… Castro had no intention of helping the people and sharing the wealth.

He stated in his own words he wasn’t a communist, that he was a Jesuit trained Roman Catholic.

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