FAK233-Markus Allen’s July call

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Markus and I have a long call – the fastest three hours I’ve had in a while.

When you listen, you’ll find out why.

We only talk once a month – so you won’t want to miss this one.

I even talk to Mrs. !

If you believe in the value for value model of podcast funding, please click here and send whatever you think it’s worth.

I suggest $33, like the last part of the episode reads.

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1 thought on “FAK233-Markus Allen’s July call

  1. dante

    caught the tail end of the live stream. enjoyed most of it. looking forward to listening to the full upload and will leave a proper comment afterwards. but quickly as I have a moment in the middle of the night before conking out again:

    i don’t think I’d drop $100 to hear one call, but i’m perfectly fine with the transition to a paid model and whatever fee structure is ultimately chosen. why not? the calls where anyone and everyone can join – with yelling and people talking over one another – and no advancement to any conversation(s) are insufferable. hence why i don’t interact here as much as i’d like.

    what’s wrong with having the server costs (or dinner or handbags) subsidized by subscribers? you give your finite energy and resources to manifest rare form content here, Ab. why not receive? i went to some crystal bowl / vibration / ‘sound bath’ event yesterday morning and happily donated the suggested amount (plus a lil more) into the till. noticed a couple of people who put it on were reluctant to take their share of the split. even those who seemed to need it.

    so at the risk of hypocritically doing what annoys me on the listening end:

    that said –

    anyone who moans and groans about a product or service producer charging money for their ‘stuff’ is exhibiting traits of a peevish little child, oblivious to market forces, and should grow up.

    likewise, anyone who moans and groans about people who don’t wanna pay for their stuff – is also exhibiting traits of a peevish little child oblivious to market forces and should grow up.

    indepreneurs / freelance content producers / info marketers… anybody engaging in an exchange of their xyz for money, should either find a better topic / market / audience where one’s stuff is more appreciated or for which there’s more demand…tweak the financial model to justify the juice or just punt it and do something else.

    the smartest people in the world should be able to sort this out.

    whatever the choice, those who pay don’t wanna hear the whining and trash talking from either side

    echoing Tom Hanks from that flick A League of Their Own:

    ‘there’s no crying in baseball!’

    and adding an addendum. ‘there’s no crying in business!!’

    hence if the hundo does in fact guarantee all stuff, no fluff, all icebergs, no tips, no ‘saved by the bell’ so i dont have to tell…. I’ll strongly consider an August benji – if just to help with the fixed costs of this operation. *but i would not want one second wasted on bemoaning anyone not participating. if they are losers or bots or (insert pejorative) why give them any time / energy? that would be my one stipulation. whether my stipulation holds any weight (i’m sure it does not) is fine, but such points bear repeating and are indicative of the sentiments of a good prospect for a premium show’s shift to a paid audience.

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