Shameless disgusting fearporn, Texas style

likes this

I talked to the author of this video, who I like, and told him not to be sarcastic. Did you know that Chinese don’t recognize sarcasm? This video is completely, disgustingly, staged.

The reporter is over the top with her Hazmat outfit. The source links are blocked in Canada, and I wonder if that’s the same for all countries?

I think the media perps are purposely limiting this 2nd wave to within the United States so others can’t see how ridiculous the propaganda is.

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1 thought on “Shameless disgusting fearporn, Texas style

  1. xileffilex

    Hi Ab
    I can see all the links at my end. I also agree with you regarding sarcasm. Hey, perhaps Jeff C [who’s doing good CV19 work] was being ironic about the Transasia crash, lol!

    The fear-porn propaganda like that hasn’t been seen since Colleen Smith did her turn in NY. Texas ought to be re-running the reefer trailer psy-op now. Too early to say it will or won’t come to the UK – the perps can organise a localised pop-up covid outbreak at will. Disgusting.


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