1 thought on “Toronto people speaking out

  1. xileffilex

    I can’t see the mask edicts coming off now – leaked by the UK government to the news stations that they will be compulsory in shops. to add to their forced use on public transport.

    This Canadian guy is brilliant [thanks to PeeKay] from 9:25: [Denis Rancourt]

    interestingly, even the recent Lancet paper on the efficacy of wearing face maks is equivocal and requires further study.
    published online June 1 2020

    But in the most recent issue of The Lancet,July11 the editorial is whipping up more WHO fear
    COVID-19: the worst may be yet to come
    The Lancet
    Published:July 11, 2020

    ….the numbers [160,000 daily cases] illustrate a worrying pattern. At a subnational level the picture is nuanced, with local hotspots, but at a country level the picture is clear—the world is facing a worsening multipolar pandemic.

    These doctors are wicked collaborators.

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