Bent over covid

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I would like to comment on the illegal / unconstitutional “forcing” of the facial diaper and BS social distancing. This is really about fear and control. (Like Miles stated). They have really gone out on a limb on this one (thinking they can hoax the entire planet). I remember after 9/11, it seemed like only the US were the clueless dupes. And most other countries were slapping us in the face saying “wake up” your government did this to you. And did we? A majority of US sheep don’t believe the official story, but have NO idea of how far down the rabbit hole it actually goes. So, apparently we did not wake up. I actually used to believe that a large % of people were waking up to their slavery and maybe just maybe our children would have it better then we have it. Well let me tell you, that has ALL been flushed down the fecal matter swirl machine. The “sheep” are for the most part, un-enlightenable. And this type global hoax on steroids has literally bent the entire planet over for a long and painful rectal examination. I for one, am glad the doctor won’t be examining me…….and finding those car keys my wife says I lost………………

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