1 thought on “More than ever

  1. barbm124

    but he (Carlin) was in the club, dear ab. He was one of them. He is controlled opposition. The partly truth he sells is of course “they” want us obedient and working and such. But the money they supposedly want to take from us is their money the entire time. They just let us think we have some of it for a short period of time. You don’t take the food away from your pet, do you? You feed your pet and you want him to eat what you give him and maybe do some tricks for you. The food you take away from your pet won’t make you richer or anything, right?
    Also you don’t believe Trump is against mask, do you? What he now says will be used to measure the public opinion through the election. And since there is no other in view, he will win. As scripted. And they will keep it open to the end, as usual.

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