At least 33 / Experts Warn

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Markus reveals 2 big coded phrases that indicate .

From his audio of 9-23-2010.

Royal Institute of International Affairs

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At least 33

Experts warn

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1 thought on “At least 33 / Experts Warn

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    The father of (insert discipline), is still my favourite, masonfiti is all over agreed and usually indicative of deceit, but as abs constantly reminding us, you have to assume it’s a controlled media message from the start, now does assuming help yes, don’t be hard on the person saying it most are unaware of the avenues we’ve been led down,
    But there are some people I know who know there’s more evidence of aliens and dinosaurs than there is of covid(common cold) who will try to spin it there favour, a few civil servants and shite like that,
    But with the triumvirate of actors in politics repeating the actors in medicines reports on the actors on TV, it’s sewn up,

    Hope some realise that if there was any research done in the past 120 years that wasn’t outdated because it fell in the memory hole, some may question why isolating wasn’t tried in the past, I’d say waking the dead is good and impossible, but convincing people to live might be an easier avenue,sounds nicer.

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