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  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    somnambulism is rife ,
    and me being a grunt cleaner at a uni has given me access to all classes of sleepwalker,and also access to some of the most enthusiastic and vibrant kids going the future is bright .

    i too will wear a mask when i have to shop for me and the person i care for (mother)i think that starts 24th not made any preparations ill just pick up a mask off the ground in front of the store.
    ,so i understand that the technique used to instill fear irrationally, is now being begrudgingly accepted by the people who are relied upon to care , no explanation needed.

    i would have said i have no obligations or people who rely upon me within reason , and the caring aspect of my life( natural instinct) starts after ive finished work, lasts for three or four hours then its finished , but who wouldnt want to see their fine mother have a meal and make sure shes ok.

    ive not stopped calling out bullshit ,but we always dont we , trouble is im allergic synthesizing problems and just the fact that store managers, workers , know masks dont protect from a virus but will still use them makes me wish there was a really bad cold going around ,

  2. ricky

    I should’ve been more accurate with my ideas napoleon, this site is and has been a revelation and it’s value can’t be understated. I wanted to caution anyone willing to challenge the masses by trying to embarrass them in public thinking that will somehow change their thinking by refusing to wear a mask. You’re outnumbered 100 to 1 and it could end badly, I won’t wear one outdoors but if I need to buy food, I’ll put it on. I don’t need any grief from morons prone to stupid behavior. This should also put to rest any notions of some “mass awakening” if anything it proves the proles want to remain living in the lie system and will aggressively defend it to their own unwitting demise. This is what “fakeology” has taught me, it’s not pleasant, but I prefer it to living like a manipulated fool.

  3. ricky

    What I see are mostly enthusiastic mask wearers, it’s the majority of the masses, I call them “super believers.” I wrote on an earlier thread what’s it like to be caught up in a mob scene, and in our current environment, don’t think it can’t happen to you. I’m just trying to flow through this shit-show as best as I can, it’s far too late to hold back the tide at this point. I admire the spirit of the dissenters, but think of your’ own efforts over the years to wake people up, you think it’s somehow going to happen now? Lynn Ertell made a great point in her chat with Ab, 911 was an IQ and ethics test, the west failed, now here we are. This is going to play out the way it’s been designed. As Paul Romano says, “just let it happen.”

    1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

      911 was the first iq test ive passed with 100 percent then,, i think ab s approach is perfect and as an aggregator of ideas he is at the top ,
      but think of your’ own efforts over the years to wake people up, you think it’s somehow going to happen now? ricky what percentage of people over the years do you think abs spoke to that were genuine,
      bearing in mind how many architects and engineers, still fuckabout with building 7 ,(incidentally that might as well have happened in canada on a different day . no seriously jaws kept people from the sea,jaws of death , 911 needed the spin after that day but 88 percent of the story started when the world was last liberated after the wars ( parceling of lands and wealth reasignment) etc etc
      not many realise september 11 was an illusion and the country where it happened was designed for it

  4. Gabriel

    I don’t wear a mask either. Had a confrontation today at the grocery store. They were insisting that I put on a mask. I refused but they did not kick me out or film me. I go early in the morning to try and avoid all the new horrible atmosphere and I was one of the only customers in the store. This is all insane.

    Maybe I should just comply and get along but the thought of it makes me feel weak and gutless. If I saw people around me sick and dropping like flies I might reconsider. I have not seen a single sick person. I ask everyone I see and no one else has either.

    You and Markus should discuss what is next with this operation. What do you expect they are going to do? Will they roll out a vaccine and then after all the sheep get it roll out a bio weapon that will kill the objectors? They clearly don’t want anyone to fight back. If true, then they could just kill us off. They would be left with compliant sheep that will always do as they are told.

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