Psyops 101: disrupt, disorient, confuse

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The coronavirushoax is the biggest psychological operation to ever be unleashed on the world simultaneously.

We are seeing all the techniques of psywar in this operation.

Operation implies military.

No doubt they are supplying logistics to their overlords to run this show.

Here’s a 378 page document that we should all read to really understand what’s going on.

When reading the word enemy, realise that’s you.

A broad definition of psychological operations details the planned use of communications to influence human attitudes and behavior. They consist of political, military, and
ideological actions conducted on target groups to create desired behavior, emotions, and attitudes . If used properly, will precede, accompany, and follow all applications of force. The military should carry out this course of action under the broader umbrella of national policy. In addition, it should coordinate fully and carefully the military component of the overall PSYOP effort with other agencies of government.

More specifically, can demoralize, disorient, and confuse hostile groups. Against such groups, psychological operations are employed as offensive weapons to enhance the overall effectiveness of military operations. They also can unite, inform, and bolster the morale of nonhostile groups.

When targeting neutral or friendly groups, they are used to support military objectives by developing cooperative attitudes and behavior in the targeted group.

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