Q is MM’s parallel

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Speaking of psyOps, Miles Mathis teaches us a new term: a parallel.

Some may think this should be on my science/math site, but hang on. It has nothing to do with that sort of parallel. I have previously shown you what an Anti is, and a Parallel is like that. It is a psychological operations term. An Anti is an agent hired to promote a set of ideas that Intelligence wishes to blackwash. So the Anti spends several years promoting those ideas, then suddenly ends up in a mental institution or shoots up a Chuck-E-Cheese. His audience then links the ideas he was promoting to craziness or violence. You see how it works.


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2 thoughts on “Q is MM’s parallel

  1. ricky

    He knows all about “space” and the “universe” too. He’s like my brother-in-law, a great resource, knows everything!

  2. watermanchris

    Miles Mathis is always good for a laugh. He takes everything off Google as gospel and lauds himself for having the foresight to see which of it can be trusted and which can’t. It’s pretty absurd.

    He’s talking about 2000 bc! How can he possibly have the foggiest clue about who was in charge 4000 years ago or even that humans were around 1000 years ago? He’s never done any primary source research. He just finds something in a book or webpage and repeats it.

    His work on Cavendish is very telling. He basically claims that it IS possible to weigh the earth with heavy balls and a torsion balance but sir Henry was off on his math. Trololol


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